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New socks for a smaller butt?

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I love my menstrual cycle. Let’s gain 5 pounds at the beginning only to lose it at the end. Yuck.
But, since we lost that five and spring is in the air and I’m feeling kinda motivated.. tomorrow we start back on the whole running and planning for a 5 k bit. Tomorrow, we run, and our butt will jiggle along behind us.

I even bought new socks for the occasion. Just so you know, new socks make everything better.

Last night Kevin knocked over my glass of wine. On to my phone. We were saddened mostly by the fact it was the LAST glass.

I had fucked up dreams last night or how about the last 2 nights. But last night I had this dream about acrobat type folks doing stunts on I-405. During the rush hours. They had hopes to raise money for charity? Or to pay for their funerals?

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March 22, 2008 at 5:00 am

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