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Last night Kevin was yelling at me because I had my shoes on in the couch. “Why are shoes on in the couch?”
In the couch?

Something about being in the couch makes me think that it needs it’s own area code. Or that it is possibly a whale that swallowed us?. You can only be in the couch if you are a remote control.

You can’t be mean to people as a business strategy.
I read this last night in a recent copy of Elle.

My boss needs to be shown this statement. Although, I’m sure he’s one of those people who have no idea what people actually think of him. If I find someone to be really fake, guess what my attitude is toward them? Really fake as well. That and the guy treated me like absolute shit from the moment he stepped foot in the place. Guess what, we can’t wait until you leave.

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April 1, 2008 at 4:13 pm

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