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And then we went for something completely different…

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Arguing with my younger brother is just about as stupid and pointless as trying to convince a 5 year old that broccoli is tastier than ice cream. I didn’t really like 25 year old know it all boys when I was 25, and not so much more at 29.

The problem at large is: he is more like my mom and heard what he wanted to hear. Like that time I told my mom a broke a rib and she heard hip. I hung up on her when she started freaking out.

(Not listening is a huge ass pet peeve of mine! I think it has something to do with the fact that I can’t hear in one ear and I listen better than a lot of people.)

My parents wanted to get something for Kevin for his birthday. My mom told me to talk to my brother about ideas. We talked about a bunch of Xbox stuff, like games and controllers for the system.

My brother ended up ordering some stupid universal remote thing instead. A universal remote that costs about $70?! Wtf? But see, we have a universal remote that we got from Comcast. It works swell. The stereo and record player are so dinosauric/old school/vintage, you actually have to get off your ass to turn them on. No remote will ever fix that problem.

So when my brother told me he ordered the remote I was confused. When I talked to my mom about it she said my brother said I told him that was what to get. When I told my mom we have a universal remote she asked if I had told my brother that? Um, I don’t remember this as being a really strong idea for a present AT ALL. What happened to games or a extra controller?

My mom seemed a little bent out of shape and ordered something completely different. My brother seems to want to blame me for changing my mind on something I never agreed to. That I left my folks with something they didn’t want. Um, why can’t it be returned? Who buys anything that can’t be returned?! Is it used?

Why would you ask someone a bunch of questions about one gift idea and then go with something completely stupid and out of left field?

If you tell me something I agreed to and I seem really shocked with the result, I didn’t agree to it. TRUST ME.

I remember EVERYTHING.

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April 7, 2008 at 10:57 pm

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