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money, money and mo money.

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Today Kevin and I opened new mutual funds with State Farm. $100 each a month with the idea to increase it next year.

I also just found out that my small loan with Sallie Mae is paid off! I was paying my Sallie Mae loan and my SLM Financial loan together for a total of $180 a month. My new monthly payment is $110. Sweet. The projected pay off is somewhere down the road in 2017 for the SLM loan, yuck

I will be done paying off my US Dept of Education loan in 4 months. I am paying them about $125 a month while my mom pays them $75 a month for the 2 massages I give her.

So if I add the $200 from the US Dept of Education to the existing SLM Financial, I will pay them off way before 2017 and will be years closer to a house.

Next week I change my car insurance to State Farm as well, saving $25 a month.


My money seems to have gotten under control a bit. My credit is next.

All of the sudden 30 just got a lot better looking.

After we get some of this shit under control, we can have some fun… say July.

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April 16, 2008 at 11:56 pm

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