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Running needs shorts.

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Newcastle + running + epsom salt bath = not to shabby.

I have decided that wearing Converse for 8 hours and then putting on my awesome Mizunos seems to confuse my arches. Are we flat and walking in circles? Or are we supported and running on the sidewalk?

I read something about drinking beer after running, I can’t remember what it said… but I’m determined to have one after every running adventure, even if they are still small. Beer is nice.

I drove my normal walk/run course and I’ve discovered that it is almost 2.5 miles. A 5k will be really easy. Sweet.

I really want a pair of running shorts with pockets. I know that they will be very unflattering, but if you choose to look at me when I’m working out it’s your own damn fault. But for my own reasons, I’m so mortified to try them on. I haven’t worn shorts in public in EONS! 10 yearsish? Like I’ve seen plenty of fat folks wearing elastic waist shorts but they have nice or decent legs. My legs are like sausage links covered in spider veins and bruises. Yum-o. I usually wear my awesome black Lucy capris and pants or my not as awesome blue capris… but shorts? I yearn for the days when my legs are a bit leaner! Shorts damnit, I want some shorts and I want them to look okay.

Eew, and I supposed in a few months I’ll need to buy a new swim suit that is more flattering and shows off my boobs… then one I have now is more for swimming laps and has a high neck.

I’ve started to rub calendula oil on to help my skin stuff issues. Plus, who doesn’t love soft skin?

It rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again….

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April 27, 2008 at 5:08 am

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