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I bought a new wallet, it’s made by Hobo International. I’ve seen a couple of people with it and I think it’s brilliant. It’s a wallet\clutch thing in a cantaloupe color… rightly called melon. Since I couldn’t find any awesome pictures that would work with me and not sure where the camera is at the moment, you can see it here.

So this whole Weight Watchers thing is really easy for me, as of now. Years back when I had just come off of Paxil, something I was consuming was making me sick. My stomach was a mess for year or so. I had some allergy tests done and they came up with me being allergic to 4 things that were constantly in my diet. A few years later my naturopath tested me for food allergies via blood and come up with nothing. So I started to eat everything again. The stomach issues returned. I have a weird intolerance to soy proteins. So anyway, that whole entire time, I kept a really decent food journal of what I ate. Some of the time I was doing really good, the other times I cringed when I recorded my food intake. But the truth is, for me this works. I’m not one of those people who can lie to myself all that easily. Sure I look in the mirror and think to myself I don’t look as fat as I am. But I know that when I shop I have to look for xls and 16s and that I have to really shimmy through tight spaces. (I want to be back at the 170 I was at before I gained all the weight from Paxil.) The Weight Watchers eTools work because now I can enter stuff into a computer and it figures stuff out for me. All I need from any packaged foods I eat are the calories, the fat and the fiber. Enter it in and be on my way….

I am not one of those fat people who uses the flex plan so I can eat 3 cupcakes in one day.

So far I’m down 3 pounds.

Go me. I bought the wallet to reward myself for finally figuring out that maybe I really do need help to lose weight and that maybe joining a gym again and still eating improperly just won’t cut it this time. I’ll reward myself when I lose my first 10% with a new tattoo.

Um, as of May 3, 2008, I am no longer using half and half in my coffee.

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May 7, 2008 at 3:54 pm

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