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it’s all in the checkbook.

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When will more people realize that being polite gets you farther than being an ass? What ever happened to please, thank you and excuse me?

I’m come to the point were I’m not as angry about paying my bills. I’ve finally realized it’s a fact of life. I’ve either just figured it out or just now come to the conclusion that I am an adult? Take your pick…

But the funny thing is this… now that food has gotten pricey, I’m planning on only really spending money on that. I have been taking my lunches to work and eating a lot more salads. I am mainly bring my own food to keep from eating things like scones and creamy soups but amazingly it seems to save me at least $6 a day. Saving money buy taking lunch to work means more money can go towards my debt, which means more money to save for a house… it seems to be a win win situation. Smaller waist line, more savings. I currently just can see the need to buy any extra junk.

Um, and speaking of smaller waistlines… the more weight I lose, the more tops I have that look nice. The only thing I’ll really need to replace as I lose weight are jeans and bras. As of today, I’m down 7.2lbs.

Also, apparently there is no need for 2 spaces between a period and a new sentence. This is all news to me.

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May 13, 2008 at 8:22 pm

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