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hot damn, a post about shoes and ice cream!

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Noting says day off like homemade coffee.

Nothing says awesome like making your breakfast in new shoes and your bathrobe. My mom insists that I dress up for this 75/55 party for my grandparents. She said no jeans. Ha, I’m an adult, I’m wearing jeans. I bought a new top(Macy’s Style and Co on sale for $9.99), which looking at clothes right now is crappy because I’m between sizes…. medium boobs, large shoulders, large but flat waist, and larger hips. Well, if since I got really frustrated I bought new shoes… and charged them to my mom’s Nordstrom’s account. I know she’ll like them and understand. Anyway, gotta break them in. They’ll be great for summer and I’ll get my use out of them. I could even go back and buy them in navy to go with the Ann Taylor Loft dress I’m wearing to Desirae’s wedding in August.

If anything, some of the people I’ll see at the 55th, I haven’t seen since the 50th. I was at my highest weight then. I’ll look hot!

Kevin bought me Ben and Jerry’s Cake Batter ice cream on Sunday. Worth 7 points a serving… and I think it’s totally worth it!

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June 3, 2008 at 5:24 pm

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