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So the other day the maintenance lady at my apartment complex gave my dog a pet while I was cleaning up poop. Yup, the joys of picking up poop. She asked me if I knew anyone who had lost a dog. Sadly and happily, nope. She said it was a mixed small dog and that she thought it might have been dropped off. She said something about calling animal control. This was Tuesday or Wednesday.

So I fianally got motivated to go for a walk, tough stuff I’m telling you. Yup, on my Friday night, alone. I saw a flier with pictures saying PLEASE help us find Annie! So I took the flier off the telephone pole and finished my walk.

I got home and called one of the numbers on the flier. I was hoping people had their dog back and it would be a happy ending, I would have cried like a baby if the dog had been killed or disappeared from disappearing…

Wow lady, you seem to be really bitchy about the fact that you lost YOUR dog and the person took care of YOUR lost dog didn’t seem to take care of her very well. I was calling because I had information and I’m very happy that your dog was returned to you since YOU lost her but you really don’t need to be a bitch and fill my ear with your bad attitude about other people who don’t know how to take care of dogs…

Um wait, didn’t you lose YOUR dog? Are you qualified to take care of dogs? I’m just saying….

I’m on my 3rd dog in 30 years, dogs lost? ZERO!

Good karma for me on doing the right thing.

And as I’ve been saying for years, if you really like your shit, you’d hold on to it. I’ve never lost keys, a phone, sunglasses, a dog, a sweatshirt, jewelry or my purse. Our neighbors used to steal stuff from us because they had a copy of your house key made from the one we gave them while they house watched, but that is a whole other story…

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June 21, 2008 at 3:43 am

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