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dogs need homes.

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We are in the process of trying to find another dog to adopt.
Yay dogs!
But, going to a shelter or reading why people have given up their dogs breaks my heart. Rips it in two, actually.
I had found a dog on Petfinder that I thought was cute and seemed like the right size, when I went to the shelter to have a look at her they said she was the first dog adopted that morning. So, I looked at the other dogs and I had to leave because I couldn’t handle all of them being without a home.
They were all howling and barking and I’m sure if they could speak I’m sure they would all say “Please pick me! I love car rides. I’ll hold down the couch or bed all day and make sure they don’t get stolen. I’ll try really hard not to slobber on the sliding glass door or car windows, but I might when I get really excited. I won’t chew on your shoes as long as you train me not to and give me other awesome things to chew on. I’ll take all biscuits that you offer me in a gentle manner. I’ll get off the couch when you tell me, and jump up when you tell me. Do you have a friend for me that already lives with you? Will you take me to the park? Will you please just fucking pick me because I can’t handle being in here, just like you can’t handle seeing all of us in here. Come on lady, LET’S GO HOME!”
If I had a massive SUV and insurance companies didn’t give a flying fuck about pit bulls, I’d have 25 new dogs to talk about.

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August 7, 2008 at 9:53 pm

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