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Speedwalker to the rescue!

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Wanna know how I know you’re gay?

You’re a racewalker
Kevin has been watching a lot of the Olympics this week. Last night we came upon Racewalking, he hadn’t heard of it before. It seems like one of the more idiotic sports, but it rather entertaining to watch.

We had a woman who was supposed to come to our house today with a dog. She called last night to tell us she was going to meet with a different couple first, on this upcoming Wednesday. She seems to like the idea of them more because they don’t have a dog and the one she’s giving up isn’t very well socialized because she doesn’t take it out to parks or other places where there are dogs. She is worried about how her dog will get along with our dog. Hmm, super. We were the first people to reply to your post and you were okay with us being in an apartment and some how we ended up being bumped to #2. Hmm, thanks for being judgmental and all, are you in highschool? Or just some stupid eastsider…

I’ve decided it is probably easier to catch a STD than to find a dog to adopt. Okay, it’s not that it’s really hard… it just seems the dogs we are interested in are gone before we get a chance to respond, reply, are to big, or cost more than we’d like

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August 16, 2008 at 9:15 pm

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