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Last night Kevin informed me he needed a suit for Friday. Um, really? We are going to a future insurance agent thing, and we’ve known about it for about 2 months. Yesterday he got an email about things to bring and expect, a suit was second on the list. Gee, you couldn’t have said something about this when you told us about it in June?

Last night we were also waiting for someone to call us back and let us know if we had to run out to Monroe to get a dog. The call came at 7:55, the little lady that came to look at him before us fell in love and took him. We’re fine with it, we just wanted to know if we still had a chance…

So we went to Men’s Warehouse. Kevin got this amazing suit. The best part is, it will be ready by Thursday night!!

I have to look fairly formal or put together as well. I’m off to buy a pair of basic black heels to go with my fancy black trousers. Fun.

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August 19, 2008 at 5:38 pm

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