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5k number two? Done!

My mom and I were at Macy’s today. She had seen this coat she had to have. I’ll have to admit it is pretty cute. Everything was on sale! Okay, everything but the DKNY jeans I wear… go figure. But I saw a cute down vest with a hood on it. A hood with fur on it. Totally trendy, I know. It was normally $69.00. It was 40% off and an extra 20% off with a Macy’s account. I told my mom about it and she asked me how much it was. My mom enjoys asking me how much things are after a discount because I don’t do math. But I figured it would be about $28ish dollars. I got it in black because black is practical and less trendy… She bought it and I would pay her next week. When she looked at the receipt it rang up at just over $16. As she dropped me back off in my driveway she told me to consider the vest a gift. Awww! Thanks mom.

Sweet Jesus! Macy’s is practically giving away clothing! 4 for the price of 1? Sweet. Like my mom said, the deals are pretty awesome right now, if you have the extra money to spend. And she does.

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October 25, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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