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The only things I like flaky are croissants

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Craigslist… oh how I love and hate you in the same day.

I found a washer and dryer for $100. Sweet. Kevin’s mom could pick it up. All she needed was the people to help load it in her truck, but if not they said they could wait until Friday. Oh yes, they said they would love to help. This morning I sent an email asking for an address and the response I got back was someone already committed to pick them up today. Um, yeah I committed last night to picking them up today, you even agreed to help load them in the truck. What. The. Fuck?

How many flaky people use Craigslist? To fucking many? Like the lady who said we could have a dog and then the day before she was going to come over she called and said she was going to give it to someone else after we had talked to her many many times. Or how about the emails I sent out without a reply at all? Rude.

Yes, we are still without a new dog and or a washer and dryer. I’m turning all Craigslist uses over to Kevin.

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October 29, 2008 at 8:56 pm

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