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Oh Seattle…why all the hype?

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According to a Yahoo Real Estate article, Seattle is becoming a 24 hour city?

Really? Where is there a Target open 24 hours a day? Where can you find a decent meal 24 a day that doesn’t cost a small fortune or consists of 6 eggs? A great 24 hour coffee shop other than a crappy drive thru Starbucks?

Or better yet, can a get an amazing hamburger some place in this damn city that doesn’t require a huge ass wait in the smallest building in Ballard with weird hours? Um, no. All of you people who think Dick’s is the best, your taste buds are broken.

If you’re going to write about Seattle, maybe you should live here. I still don’t understand the hype of this city and I’ve lived in this area for 27 years.

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November 3, 2008 at 10:03 pm

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