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oh vacation, who doesn’t love you?

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Tomorrow we get pile into my mom’s Honda and drive to Whistler. Yes, I chose an education and have spent years paying it off and my idea of a vacation is one where someone else foots most of the bill. I’m 30 years old and sometimes I’m kind of lame.

This morning Kevin asked me about socks. “Are all of my boot socks clean?” How the hell should I know. Socks some how seems to be a very reoccurring topic in my life. 1) do I have any clean ones? 2)should I buy some new ones? 3)why are you wearing mine? 4)I forgot mine, can I borrow some of yours? 5)ooh, these are pretty with stripes! I currently am washing clothes and hopefully all the socks in the house… any sock without a know match gets the shove. I want all of you old random socks out before we move to the new house.

5 awesome things about vacationing in whistler

  1. no need for a clock or watch
  2. the possibility of sitting in an outdoor hot tub while it is snowing
  3. the awesome view of mountains covered in snow pretty much north, south, east, and west
  4. not having to answer my cell phone
  5. as long as you can still walk upright, you can pretty much drink as much as you can afford
  6. What diet?

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November 7, 2008 at 2:25 pm

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