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2008, I <3 you…

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Holy geez, hello winter!! Cold and more cold! More snow is predicted for tonight, tomorrow and Christmas day… with rain to follow.

Kevin and I were sick for the past 2 days. I’m ready to leave the house now! But, I can’t back out of our driveway due to the big ridge of snow left by a plow, lack of a shovel, lack of chains and my weak Civic.

Hmm. 2008, you were so crazy and seems like you might be that way until the last day.  But I might still love you… when I can look back and laugh.


  • Weight Watchers
  • vacations
  • DKNY Soho Jeans
  • teary weddings and fun family parties
  • midnight swims with outlaw mom
  • Deschutes beers
  • a new boss
  • tires under warranty
  • Canada
  • Afternoon Royal Tea at the Empress Hotel
  • dogs and their good ways and learned bad habits
  • SNOW!!
  • water slides and wine
  • new opportunities
  • turning 30
  • learning to stand my ground and actually doing so
  • 5ks and doing them even though I can’t run one completely
  • Cetaphil skin stuff
  • paying off 2 student loans !!!
  • hardwood floors
  • finding old friends via email/facebook/internets
  • spousal unit’s connections with people who have houses to rent
  • a chiropractor when you really need one
  • monkey puzzle trees
  • homeopathic remedies for blisters
  • a better yet still stressful relationship with my mom
  • dreams that help set you free
  • shooting a revolver… totally hot!
  • bailouts and the people who didn’t deserve them…
  • letting my mom know one of my real main reasons I’m choosing not to have kids
  • Theo Chocolate and the $5 tour
  • bicycles… road and cruisers
  • curbside recycling
  • wacky news coverage… on everything from the economy, election, weather and pop culture
  • not dying my hair
  • Google reader
  • “grown up” dinners made from real food… not packages or boxed
  • MAC eye makeup
  • job security and seniority
  • falling house prices (sucks for some, but great for peoples like me)
  • getting back to basics
  • kaiten sushi
  • clothes that fit, again
  • voting for president elect, Obama.
  • seeing people with hope, happiness, and pride.
  • people realizing how important it is to get out and vote, record turn outs!!
  • realizing I am only human and I make and create 99% of all things that happen or go on in my life and only I can be the one to fix itmake it better or make it worse. Only I can make my own changes.

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December 23, 2008 at 12:17 pm

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