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Holy crap.

Yes. Hello, I am an American and I love stuff. And if it happens to be free, I love it even more.

I love beauty products. I love supplements. For a while I was working in HABA (aka health and beauty aides in the grocery/retail industry) and I got free samples of things like it was going out of style. But since I love beauty products, lotions and potions and oh my… I bought a lot of stuff too. I still get free samples now and then but now I try and score stuff I already use, like fish oil.
So now that we have this really rad bathroom with a beautiful pedestal sink, we lack cupboard underneath. All of my crap is now in the medicine cabinet or the linen closet. All of my stuffs, free or paid for, is taking up valuable space!
So I’ve decided not to buy any more stuffs unless it is totally needed. I’m on mission to use stuff up! Operation:Use It! Totally dumb, I know. But, when I shin splints the other day I bought Arnica because I couldn’t find any. This morning I found 3 tubes!
Last year I stopped buying excess shampoo and conditioner. This year, I just plan to buy less of everything. I can say I pretty much don’t need a thing.

Remember peeps: Free is only awesome and great if it is something you know you’ll use or something you already use.

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January 12, 2009 at 2:18 pm

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