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truely, madly, deeply… love list.

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Wow. I’ve been totally down lately. It’s sucky. But, I’ve enjoyed my “weekend.” I watched the inaugural speech Obama gave, I love how well he speaks. I have to say, again, his speech made me water up a bit. Thank you wireless connection for letting me watch his speech on and not flip out a bit or stall like you do when I want to watch crap on


  • my mom when she listens and doesn’t try to offer advice
  • Kevin
  • th Obamas
  • how excited Abigail gets for a biscuit when we go to an espresso stand
  • knowing where to find a newspaper on a historic day when everywhere else you stop is sold out
  • the joy a latte can bring
  • bubble bath that some times bubbles and some times doesn’t
  • Loyal Army Clothing’s shirts and tote bags
  • Twinkie Chan’s tattoos
  • honesty
  • finding the courage to be honest about how I’m doing. Go me!!
  • Dinners, Drive-ins, and Dives
  • friends that send me links to a site that could give me cheese making skills
  • free wine samples that you actually enjoy
  • sleeping in past 11
  • thoughts of a nice, warm summer vacation
  • lower cut square necklines
  • Uggs and how everyone says they are super ugly, yet has some sort of deep rooted passion for them because it is like wearing clouds on your feet.. And people, they are not snow boots!
  • Abigail curled up on Kevin’s sweatshirt, for a nap
  • people who have great planning skills


  • fog hiding my sun that I desperately need
  • feeling down
  • mold
  • being cold
  • people and their awesome parking lot maneuvering skills
  • having to wait week or so to get my new pilates dvd

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January 20, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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