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Lovey dovey

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So. I really enjoy doing love lists. I actually got the idea from Meg Fowler. She does hers on Friday, I prefer to do mine on Tuesday. (I’m a day late.) It makes me look at the positive things in my life. Some weeks have been harder than others, other weeks are a breeze. As much as I would love to fill mine with absolute sarcasm, I don’t. Most of the things I list are things I truly love or I am truly grateful for. So here goes:


  • Kevin’s motorcycle gear. Safety first!
  • boots that fit my fat calves
  • my old roommate and family coming for a visit! first one in 8 years!
  • Frye boots
  • new jeans
  • $5 wine tasting
  • dogs that understand what “house” means when you have to park on the street, and run to the back door
  • sharpies that aren’t black
  • Old Navy tank tops
  • Speak and Spells
  • cheese quesadillas
  • state laws
  • salad spinners
  • epic fails
  • cheese
  • things that make me feel skinny
  • Jenny Lewis’ voice
  • trying to keep the dog dirt out of the bed
  • savings account with money in it
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • maple bars
  • more green shirts

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February 11, 2009 at 7:45 pm

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