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Drip coffee would be free, if it were up to me.

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I love coffee. Working with coffee for about 7 years will do this to you.

So today I decided I needed a cup. I had already had tea but coffee sounded like a great idea. I took $1.60 out of my piggy bank. Who wants to whip out the debit card for coffee when I can pay for it in quarters.

I ordered a tall drip. It came to $1.75. “Um, just a tall.” Yup. Whoa! Since when did a tall (12oz.) cost $1.75? I ring up people for tall coffees all the time at work and it is $1.36! Jesus, did he bless my coffee first? Why so much?

Yeah, I think I’ll be making all of my drip coffee at home… except for the everlasting free flowing coffee at work.

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February 13, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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