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While at work, the whole “DO NOT WANT!” thing doesn’t work.

Yes, I’m way far behind today. I’m glad you’d like me to show this new person some of my skills but um, not today.  Oh wait, what? You’ll come back later? Um, that doesn’t work so much either. He can help me? Not so much if I kinda have to stop and tell/show what I’m doing. No offense new dude! I’m just a little overwhelmed. Oh wait, can I get that hour back now that we’re done? No?!

(heaviest sighs of all sighs.)

I’m all for wanting people to be good and successful when they start a new job, but I’m not really good at training people on a normal day.

Today was just not my day. When I left, I’m surprised I didn’t burst into tears. I even remember to take my B stress and all of my other supplments, I’m not sure how awesome I would have been without them.

A bad day ending of a long ass week and pms = no fun.

Written by crabbycake

February 22, 2009 at 4:48 pm

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