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Love list 3.3.09

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Spring is in the air! I’m wearing capris and sandals! Yeah, it maybe only 52° and I’ve been mostly inside but so what. The drive from Issaquah to Seattle was beautiful. (I do not love Issaquah, btw. I was at my folks and dipped down the hill to go to Costco.)


  • Kevin and his “bachelor” food
  • quesadillas
  • beer and wine samples
  • the start of spring cleaning
  • cherry blossom trees in bloom
  • the Battery Street Tunnel aka Bat Tunnel. (driving through this tunnel with minimal traffic makes me feel like Batman!)
  • floating bridges
  • having your sunglasses when you actually need them
  • Chobani greek yogurt
  • Børn sandals (okay, I don’t love them all. I love the ones I own)
  • modifying recipes
  • snap peas
  • self-cleaning ovens!
  • asian pears
  • Zyflamend by New Chapter
  • pants that fit again
  • finally understanding and getting along with someone you really didn’t like a year ago
  • cooking up my own garbanzo beans instead of buying canned
  • knowing the right moves to stretch out my back
  • milk with vanilla flavor
  • Paying $9.99 for a 32 pack of Diet Coke
  • zany conversations with my granma
  • being able to walk away from people who are being annoying
  • orange cats
  • seeing a beautiful sun rise, even though you are very nauseous
  • knowing who can give you the inside scoop
  • you
  • using Facebook to stay connected with friends who are very hard to stay connected with otherwise
  • being able to stash a sharpie in my wallet for all and any purpose

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