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Love list 3.18.09

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Wow. This week is going to be awesome. It all started with a car accident on Sunday. Tuesday’s love list ends up being Wednesday’s love list.


  • Kevin trying to help me with insurance stuff for my accident
  • my accident being not as bad as it could have been
  • huge snowflakes
  • alternate massage therapists
  • Banana Republic outlet
  • buy 4 tops and ALL of them being larges, bye bye extra large! You won’t be missed
  • Advil Liqui-Gels
  • people who realize you’re in pain and agree that you should go home
  • getting cracked by your chiropractor twice in the same day (I don’t love this but like that it can be possible)
  • buy one get one free ice cream
  • New Math
  • ice cream for lunch
  • bringing my own lunch to work
  • my Roots track jacket
  • Epsom salt
  • useless trivia
  • trying to guess where accents are from
  • green tops
  • day light at 7pm!
  • knee highs
  • nails that are all the same length
  • the guy outside of Seward Park PCC who plays a xylophone that is perched on top of a suitcase? (we don’t get it but it makes us happy)
  • things that keep our feet warm
  • doing my job on the communication front
  • burritos from taco trucks

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