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Love list 3.25.09

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So since last week was such a train wreck, we’re trying to stay positive this week. Its been good so far.


  • daylight at 7pm!
  • new Vans
  • wine tasting on Monday mornings
  • Buty Wines (when asked which one I enjoyed, the answer was yes!)
  • cheese with ash in/around it
  • A to Z Oregon Rosé Wine
  • Where The Wild Things are is going to be a movie?!
  • solo sushi dates
  • feeling like my coats are to big
  • clean socks
  • Ninja Turtle wedding cake?
  • maxi dresses
  • snackosaurus attacking the fridge when I’m at work
  • eaves dropping
  • Wigwam socks
  • soy free vegan foods
  • my neighbor who owns a rooster?! I’m not sure who it is but some mornings I enjoy hearing him. (I’m sure I’d hate him if I could hear him in the bedroom.)
  • cherry blossom trees
  • people who have weight loss surgery who don’t lose weight
  • Abigail and her constant looking out the front window
  • my mom getting braces
  • bringing celery back to life
  • free composters
  • creepy stories I quickly forget
  • crossword puzzles I master
  • clean kitchens
  • having dinner bought because someone else is to lazy to do dishes
  • cheap sea salt carmels
  • peach eye liner that makes me look awake when I’ve been sleepy for a week

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March 25, 2009 at 8:47 pm

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