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Love list 4.7.09

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Wow. This past week was entertaining. On April 1st  I woke up and did a double take to see that it was snowing. On April 5th and 6th we had beautiful days with a high temp of 70°. Oh Seattle… global warming has been abusing you this year.

(um, made a draft and didn’t post? a day late we are)


  • the boy with the red facial hair
  • the black dog who seems to be shedding her winter coat
  • bare feet in grass
  • working on my freckles
  • sunglasses that are the right size for my face
  • bartlett pears
  • free make overs
  • Rudy’s Barbershop in Bellevue. (I recommend Stephanie or Windi if you have thick hair. Windi does color, Stephanie doesn’t)
  • MAC brush cleaner
  • Nevzat Espresso. This is one of those little coffee stands that you often wonder about, like how does it taste. This guy is so friendly and makes a killer anything! He doesn’t offer drip coffee but makes a fantastic americano for under $2! Kevin and I love him and his coffee.
  • flirt tops
  • Vans without socks
  • people sitting at tables in their front yard, playing cards
  • gossiping about my brother with my mom
  • beautiful days that put people in amazing moods
  • Bumble and Bumble Straight (yes, I spent $25 on hair stuff, it works like a dream.)
  • a friend who got very hurt in bike accidents but didn’t damage their head (please wear a helmet, no matter how dumb they look)
  • Spring finally showing up
  • skipping family Easter plans
  • washing down a 70°n day with a plate of mexican food and a Pacifico
  • free composters
  • the beautiful music in the Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) video
  • the Where the Hell is Matt video that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And I love the Demilitarized Zone, North Korea shot.


  • Kevin inviting 10 people over for dinner and his lack of house cleaning
  • scratchy throats
  • how ugly my back yard looks
  • people who don’t seem to understand how a 4 way stop works.
  • feeling like absolute crap for 2 days aftering eating tater sauce with my fish and chips.
  • soy protein and the effect it has on my body

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