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Love list 4.17.09

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Eeep. My Tuesday love list didn’t happen… now it’s Friday? This week we lost no weight, we planted a garden, I walked 2.5 miles yestery and last night Abigail was left outside all night and dug a massive hole under our cedar tree. Fun times at our house, yess.


  • the boy who ranomly bites my neck
  • the dog who slept outside
  • sparkling red polish on my toes
  • digging in the garden
  • worms
  • not being hung over
  • Amy’s Mexican Casserole
  • Lady GaGa’s hair disasters
  • bare feet in the grass
  • the well worn jeans with the unflattering holes
  • planning for my next 5 k
  • all the folks who were out walking yesterday at Seward Park
  • Seattle’s love for Ken Griffy Jr. even though he has returned old and fat
  • people who understand how a 4 way stop works! go people!
  • grilled veggies
  • anticipating the arrival of peaches
  • a stop at Nordstroms and realizing I really didn’t need or have to have anything I saw
  • pointy pink flats, I want some really bad but haven’t really looked into it
  • an amazing cheese burger
  • MAC Paint Pots vs. MAC Paints
  • getting drunk with my faux sister in law
  • Hangover Formula after 2 bottles of wine and a 22oz.
  • down grading the cable
  • being told to hand over my croquet mallet
  • Margret Cho
  • random tulips growing in my yard
  • MD 20/20? I’d never seen this ghetto fabulous drink before! (um, said sister in law bought this shit, I had some but don’ think I’ll be buying any of my own any time soon)
  • when Abigail sleeps with her nose tucked behind her back leg
  • maintaining weight instead of gaining
  • samples of things I actually want to try
  • feeling average
  • purple pens
  • wondering why Lindsey Lohan is still famous
  • big sunglasses
  • greek yogurt with higher protein
  • the fact that I only had 1 piece of Easter candy all season! yes, 1!
  • having a cleaner car
  • Maggie’s Fireliles Scarf
  • The guy at Bellevue Kawasaki that was really nice to me and was very helpful when asked about a birthday present for the beau. Everyone else I talked to that day kind of blew me off or ignored that I was standing in front of them. Yes, I know I’m a chick in a motorcycle shop, but I need ideas and have some money to spend. (I shoud have gone there first) Thanks dude! (Kevin took back the lock I bought him but spent more money, too.)

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