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Love list 4.21.09

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OMG! The weather in Seattle has been absolutly amazing for the past 5ish days. Love it!


  • boys with funny freckles due to their motorcycle helmets
  • dogs who curl up on the porch
  • porches
  • reading books in the sun
  • working on a tan
  • ruby red sparkly toe nails
  • the first peach of the season
  • old dudes roller skating and doing tricks (yes roller skating, not roller blading. there is a difference)
  • walks around lakes
  • walks around parks
  • watering plants
  • having a backyard
  • sitting on the grass in my backyard in my underwear
  • old friends moving to the area
  • dresses
  • snap peas
  • 205!
  • “free” massages
  • taking Kevin coffee at work
  • feeling average
  • pop music and how it helps me push myself farther
  • getting rid of old clothes and replacing them with more fun and smaller things
  • sandals
  • $3 underwear from Target


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April 21, 2009 at 2:56 pm

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