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Love list 5.6.09

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Wow, I just finished working 8 days straight, insane! I can’t believe I used to work 2 jobs and work almost 3 weeks straight, I guess I was younger and had more energy. I get to work every other day for the next 6 days, weird.


  • Kevin and all his wacky ways
  • Abigail and all of the fur she sheds that ends up in my mouth or eye
  • my Weight Watchers 10% key ring
  • free lawn mowers
  • catching my own dinner
  • corn meal coated, pan fried trout
  • breakfast on the back porch
  • cheek bones
  • collar bones
  • taking my lunch to work one of my metal lunch boxes
  • honey
  • seeing my freckles for the first time in years
  • cupcake charms
  • people who don’t give a rats ass about Kirstie Alley
  • mowed and weedwacked back yards
  • positive people
  • outlaw mom calling the Grocery Outlet the “Used Food Store”
  • work out clothes with pockets
  • naps
  • clearer skin
  • peaches
  • my grandma telling me boyshorts are super cute and that if she was my age or young again she’s wear them too.
  • This:


  • people who stand at a crosswalk but don’t want to cross the street when I stop for them
  • aging
  • insurance companies trying to pull a fast one on my mom and I
  • humidity

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May 6, 2009 at 3:33 pm

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