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Some times the best days off are the ones filled with your favorite people and their dogs.

Kevin’s brother in law, Tim, turns 25 this weekend. Desirae planned a dy trip for them to go to the zoo. (they live in Olympia, so Seattle is more of a day trip for them.) She called and asked about parking and Kevin invited them for dinner. And then Martin, Chris, Arwen and all their dogs all got invited. Kevin then told Desirae to spend the night and bring the dogs. 7 people, 7 dogs!

Pizza have been bought, lettuce has been chopped, a cake is being made. Uno and croquet will be played. Led Zepplin will be heard. Drinks will be had, and we even have juice for the pregnant Arwen.

I’m so in love with living in a house with a back yard.

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May 8, 2009 at 2:25 pm