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Love list 5.12.09

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Brr. Seattle has returned to its rainy and dreary state, oh boy!


  • boys and their gasoline powered toys
  • black dogs who snuggle in the morning
  • reliable cars
  • metal lunch boxes with lunch in them
  • being on track
  • not washing my hair every day
  • cake
  • a cold glass of rosé, on the porch, after work
  • not staining your shirt when oily lotion got all over it
  • tattoo talks with my sister in law
  • fire extinguishers as gifts, not a gag gift either
  • pointy fuchsia shoes
  • horrible middle school pictures
  • mom and mom’s mom
  • apricots
  • crazy hair days
  • brown mascara for lower lashes
  • that weekly latte… I’ve cut back on buying coffee
  • liking myself
  • having people tell you that you’re looking svelte
  • nice fitted tees
  • Moop Bags. I think I might finally splurge and buy on this weekend!
  • planning ahead
  • have a budget
  • trying to figure out how to be fashionable with out looking like I’m dressing to young, to tight, and doing it on the cheap.
  • being 3 days out from a hair washing
  • the need for a belt
  • dramatic eyes
  • sunnier days
  • not raining while I’m on my walk
  • a good low back cracking

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May 12, 2009 at 2:17 pm

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