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My bed misses me.

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I’m having one of those moments where I’m pretty tired and I’d love to go to bed….
But I still need to make the bed.
And I still need to finish cooking off my garbanzo beans. I love that I can buy a pound of dried garbanzo beans pretty cheap and cook them off myself and stash them in the fridge. I hate the fact that I have to soak them for about 10 hours before cooking them. I either have to soak them overnight, which rarely happens, or soak them all day and cook them at the end of the day. We’ve done the latter and it puts us at 11:10pm.
I’m an old lady and would like to go to sleep.
Actually… my plan is to walk to work tomorrow. Yup, I’m planning on walking the 4 miles to work. I’m kinda stoked and nervous about this. I will have to walk home the same 4 miles, up a steep hill. I’ll have to walk home those 4 miles because Kevin is out of town. I’m also not to sure about this because it puts me out of the house for about 11 hours. Abigail would be home for those 11 hours and would get fed 2 hours after her normal time. Plus, I wore my Frye’s to the dog park and have a blister on my heel that will most likely be gone in the morning due to the homeopathic stuff I took, but still a blister. I’m doing the West Seattle 5k next week, I don’t need any blisters when I do that! I want to do it easily, not all limpy gimpy.
The joys of life…

Written by crabbycake

May 23, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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