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Love list 6.4.09

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I live in Seattle.

You know, that stupid city that is notorious for rain. Yeah, I don’t think it has rained in nearly 3 weeks.  According to Yahoo! Weather it happens to be 87°… did I mention it also happens to be 8:30pm?! Later next week it will cool off a bit with a high of 70°… I don’t really love the heat but I love the brightness.

Oddly enough I miss placed my cellphone this morning at 5:30am and I still have no idea where it went!


  • the man with the red facial hair that is working 2.5 hours away for the next month
  • the black dog that would rather sleep on our bed than on the guest bed with me in the cool basement
  • calls that let me know not to worry
  • bug spray which is chemical free and actually works
  • basements which are about 10° colder than the upstairs
  • hammocks
  • evening breezes
  • vinyl collections
  • puppies
  • metal lunchboxes
  • fresh lettuce from my backyard
  • Paul Simon
  • peaches
  • spare bedrooms in the basement
  • boots with skirts
  • wind!
  • Cover Girl Lipstain
  • grilled veggies
  • huge ass horchatas for $2
  • my mom wanting to know what my brother’s status on Facebook means
  • not turning on the oven when its 90° out
  • a chilled glass of wine to wind down
  • growing you own veggies
  • my outlaw mom
  • pinkish sun sets even though I know it has to do with smog
  • the joy that comes with watering plants
  • string cheese
  • cute tops from target for $13
  • skipping out on parties that I know will contain people who might bring me down.. wuss I am, I know
  • sunscreen in stick form
  • being down pound from last week’s gain

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June 4, 2009 at 9:03 pm

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