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Love list 6.10.09

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Ah. What a week or 2…


  • that crazy kid who is working out of town all month
  • the dog who played in the water yesterday at Seward Park, this was a total first that I had seen
  • having it be cool enough to sleep in my bedroom again
  • the next door neighbor’s puppy
  • blueberries with yogurt
  • finding Weight Watchers food on sale at Safeway!
  • magazines
  • tossing out old magazines
  • home grown lettuce
  • organization for small spaces
  • piggy banks
  • steamed veggies
  • spring cleaning (yes, I know summer is just around the corner, we like to put things off)
  • vacuuming up clumps dog hair
  • the truth, even if it hurts
  • being able to say no to hand me downs
  • plans for getting out of debt plans
  • records and record players
  • saving money by taking my lunch to work
  • soaking and cooking off beans
  • 40 Useful and Creative Infographics
  • finding socks that actually feel really comfortable when I run. Nike, I like something you made?
  • *Bitch Cakes* She’s so damn cute!
  • clean socks, with a matching mate!
  • 20% off an item at Banana Republic just for filling out their online survey
  • hiking plans
  • tossing clothes that don’t fit
  • folding warm clothes
  • pedicures and running about barefoot
  • Miss California getting the boot
  • making hot air balloon ride plans  for Napa
  • wanting ice cream but being to lazy to go and get it
  • “your mom!” jokes
  • hot pink accessories


  • K working out of town until the end of June
  • fruit flies
  • my bike not fitting in the back of my car… and not having the right tools to make it happen
  • bad customer service
  • broken fans
  • my laptop not being able to run Sims 3
  • realizing how negative an old friend is
  • people who always gripe about their husband, children, house, pets and job

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June 10, 2009 at 8:25 pm

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It maybe hot, but I don’t want to see your flab.

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So it has been hot in these parts, or I guess Seattle…

And I’ve seen so many overly, over weight people in little amounts of clothing on.

The truth is, it grosses me out.

Yeah, okay wait..

Yes, I weigh 200 pounds. And at one point in time I weighed 58 pounds more.

But, I don’t leave the house with my gut, ass or tits hanging out all over the place.  I try to wear clothing that fits properly. I make sure you can’t see my underware or bra.  If it is 90° and you happen to see my underware or bra, you must be sitting next to me on my back porch, in my basement, or in my bedroom.

It may be hot but have some class.

But this also makes me want to run up to people and tell them “Weight Watchers will set you free!!” Cut the shit and try something that really works!

Maybe some people are really content being fat and looking like hell, but I’m not one of them.

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June 10, 2009 at 7:03 pm