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Love list 6.10.09

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Ah. What a week or 2…


  • that crazy kid who is working out of town all month
  • the dog who played in the water yesterday at Seward Park, this was a total first that I had seen
  • having it be cool enough to sleep in my bedroom again
  • the next door neighbor’s puppy
  • blueberries with yogurt
  • finding Weight Watchers food on sale at Safeway!
  • magazines
  • tossing out old magazines
  • home grown lettuce
  • organization for small spaces
  • piggy banks
  • steamed veggies
  • spring cleaning (yes, I know summer is just around the corner, we like to put things off)
  • vacuuming up clumps dog hair
  • the truth, even if it hurts
  • being able to say no to hand me downs
  • plans for getting out of debt plans
  • records and record players
  • saving money by taking my lunch to work
  • soaking and cooking off beans
  • 40 Useful and Creative Infographics
  • finding socks that actually feel really comfortable when I run. Nike, I like something you made?
  • *Bitch Cakes* She’s so damn cute!
  • clean socks, with a matching mate!
  • 20% off an item at Banana Republic just for filling out their online survey
  • hiking plans
  • tossing clothes that don’t fit
  • folding warm clothes
  • pedicures and running about barefoot
  • Miss California getting the boot
  • making hot air balloon ride plans  for Napa
  • wanting ice cream but being to lazy to go and get it
  • “your mom!” jokes
  • hot pink accessories


  • K working out of town until the end of June
  • fruit flies
  • my bike not fitting in the back of my car… and not having the right tools to make it happen
  • bad customer service
  • broken fans
  • my laptop not being able to run Sims 3
  • realizing how negative an old friend is
  • people who always gripe about their husband, children, house, pets and job

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June 10, 2009 at 8:25 pm

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