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Love list 6.24.09

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  • the boy I got sick while he was home for the weekend. I feel bad that he’s sick and camped out in a hotel room and not our bedroom
  • dogs, ours and most others.. big, small, dumb or smart
  • the pending arrival of a niece!
  • new opportunities
  • the science behind beer and wine
  • Adam Savage
  • 199
  • avocados
  • my first though being “I’m not wearing deodorant today.” after some customer told me I was looking pretty gorgeous.
  • knowing you’re watching a Woody Allen movie just by the intro… before it tells you its a Woody Allen movie
  • feeling prettier just by being thinner
  • fuchsia colored anything
  • geraniums
  • being told I needed to go to a wine tasting and having it work out
  • people returning to work from their month long surgery hiatus
  • being told to strut my stuff like a rooster
  • paying off old debt
  • songs that make me feel old because I liked them in high school but make me happy
  • being true to myself
  • Alice in Wonderland tattoo ideas
  • clean windows
  • knowing its smart to skip parties when you’re sick
  • my shrinking chest
  • sleeping in and realizing it is 12:45p
  • NyQuil!
  • finding fruit on my grass
  • used book stores
  • learning how to organize and stick to it
  • Kevin returns from working in Vancouver for good this Friday
  • This!!

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