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Love list 7.22.09

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Things I love.

  • bickering with you about how much of my space you take up
  • Abigail playing in the lake
  • cereal mixed with yogurt
  • sample beers
  • basements
  • ice cream for dinner
  • antibiotics
  • probiotics
  • swimming plans
  • organizing plans
  • an old sweater that fits like a new one
  • asking for help
  • people who believe in me
  • reasons to have set days off
  • Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA
  • insurance
  • regular MDs for those emergency moments
  • red mullets
  • real reasons to buy books
  • Harry Potter… even though I felt some stuff was off in the new movie
  • cool mornings
  • vacation plans
  • crazy hair
  • hot coffee
  • iced coffee
  • carrot cake for dinner
  • playing bass on Rock Band 2
  • free stuff from family members
  • that summer glow
  • Chacos for my birthday, early so I can break them in for my trip
  • outer space
  • dinosaurs

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