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No love for this week.

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This week was pretty decent. I had four days of. Yes, 4! It was nice and I did what I wanted. I had some great discovery moments. I got to be a geek and look at lots of christmas trees. I drink a nice bottle of wine over a few days. I consumed less sugar and coffee. I drank tea twice a day. I tried new product and recipes and they’re a total hit! I went to a stamping party…

But then there was the whole Porter thing. Wednesday ended with a lot of tears on my part. Thursday started with a lot of tears on Kevin’s part. Friday ended with Porter being a jerk and trying to nip me while I was sitting on the floor atempting yoga and playing with both dogs.

The whole situation is uneasy for Kevin and I for so many reasons. We had nothing but love and a secure home to offer and our hearts have been broken. There is a furry creature in our house that makes us not want to be in our house until he leaves, even though he seems very lazy and harmless. We are ready to move on. We still plan on being great hosts to him but I can’t wait for him to be gone when I come home on Sunday night.

So for this week, there will be no love list. We found something to love but it didn’t work out. I have plenty of things I’m in love with right now, but I’ll save them all for when there isn’t gloominess and strange tension in my house… When there isn’t a dog in my house, who I do love, who is trying to nip me when I reach out to pet him while I’m stretching. WTF.

I’ll post a love list on Wednesday, next week.

Written by crabbycake

November 13, 2009 at 11:10 pm

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