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Whole Foods and hopes to make employees healthy…

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I was roaming through Google Reader catching up on blogs… like you do.

I found a very interesting article via Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Whole Foods is going back to its roots.

I found the article pretty interesting for a couple reasons.. I work at a co-op and Whole Foods is our biggest competitor, I have a huge interest in being healthy, and I’ve lost 45 pounds and dream of losing 40 more.

Going to Whole Foods is pretty overwhelming for me. Not because I don’t know the lay out of their stores, but because I feel there is just to much stuff! Expensive cookware, pizza stations, Simple Shoes, InStyle magazine, popular CDs, a deli that takes up one side of the store and a huge amount of flowers. There seems to be all this extra stuff that doesn’t need to be there.

I’ve worked at the co-op I’ve worked at for almost 8 years. At my highest weight evar! I was something crazy like 258 and it was mainly due to Paxil. But looking back, I have to say I ate a lot of healthy junk food with out of control portions! Just because you have access to really healthy fruits and veggies doesn’t mean you choose to eat them. Have you seen the deli and bakeries in some of these co-ops and stores? Some of the people who work there also just work there, meaning to them it’s just a job. They aren’t interested in a healthy life style. They don’t work out , they go to McDonald’s for lunch, and smoke like a chimney.

I think there whole idea is right on, but I also know that people won’t change just because you ask them to and wave perks in their face. People have to want to be healthy and choose that lifestyle for themselves and if you’re going to try to force them to do it, you’ll have unhappy employees and people will go else where for a job because to them that is all it really is… a way to pay the bills.

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December 28, 2009 at 5:36 pm

Good bye something old…

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Holy crap, its already December 28th?! Hmm.

So I have a laptop that is old, like maybe as old as my car? 6 years and it was a hand down? 6 years in laptop life is pretty old considering the cool stuff that has come out in that time period. I was sitting on the couch and probably Facebooking when the dog decided to jump up next to me and take a seat. She thrashed into my wireless card, it was a long one that stuck out quite a bit, and the damn thing died. To replace it, its only $20. But to buy a new minibook thing is only$329ish. The last time I personally bought a new computer for myself it was 1998 and I was 20. Hmm, I guess I’m a real adult now and I should buy something updated and awesome. I only really need a computer to screw around online, have music, have photos and blog… there will be “pwning noobs” as my friend put it.

I’m saving up and hope to have a new lappy in February!

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December 28, 2009 at 1:17 pm

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