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Love List 1.14.10

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I haven’t posted in a while for many reasons.

  • laziness
  • lack of my wireless lap top
  • crazy work schedule
  • x, y, and z.

But any way… I thought I’d do a food/healthy stuff I love post.


  • Kevin. He puts up with all of my moods and gloominess and whatever.
  • Abigail. She gets super excited to go on walks with me.
  • Seward Park. One walk around the lower loop is 2.5 miles.
  • Starbuck’s Via. I love coffee! But, I was drinking to much. Make a pot, drink a pot! I have gone to mostly 1 cup a day just by using these.
  • Lucy Vital Pants. I’m craving some other pants that I can’t afford… but I’ve worn these for years and have them in long and cropped. They’re pretty flattering compared to some other workout pants I own. I was even able to get the cropped for $19.99 in the late fall.
  • Oats. I love oatmeal. I’ve eaten it almost every morning since October.
  • Agave syrup. I switched to agave in October. I use it in my oatmeal. This helps cut the sugar craving.
  • Yogi teas. Since I’m trying not to down gallons of coffee, I’ve switched to tea. I love the taste of their Detox tea!
  • Water. Stay hydrated!
  • Lara Bars. Gluten and soy free!
  • Toes stretchers. Hahah, these crack me up! But, I’m a near 32 year old who still adores her narrow Converse.
  • 5 HTP. I take this stuff instead of anti-anxiety and anti depression meds.
  • Smart Wool. Expensive but worth it wool socks that prevent ME from getting blisters!
  • Broccoli. I can eat a big ass bowl of this for a meal and call it good.
  • Quinoa. I love this stuff because it is full of protein and a great pasta and rice alternative.
  • Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. Washes the face without over drying.
  • Weight Watchers. Yep, I’m no longer doing WW but did for 1 1/2 years. I lost weight but basically it gave me skills and taught me how to eat like an adult.
  • The Daily Plate. I’m now using this to count calories.
  • Walking. This is the easiest exercise anyone can do!
  • Yoga! Yoga makes me happy and flexible and renewed.
  • Google Reader. I use this to read blog about people who inspire me.
  • Co-ops. I work at one, and it is rad! Great produce, great bulk items, and usually, pretty amazing folks.
  • Healthy self esteem. I have plenty of moments of “woe is me, my life could be better if, I wish I was ______ and I should be more motivated…” but for the most part I like me. I’m pretty true to myself and I’m pretty okay with being eclectic. Life is nicer when you are nicer to yourself and you accept who you really are.
  • Check lists/to-do lists. Seriously. I track things I want/need to do to keep me going! I like to be able to look at a tracking sheet and see I’ve had my greens everyday for a week, that I haven’t had soda for 2 weeks and when was the last time I washed my hair.
  • Amazing Greens. Wow, I love this stuff. I drink the chocolate with coconut milk, I swear it tastes like chocolate milk!

Wow, I could have gone on and on but I told myself I was going to do a Pilates DVD at 12, so I am off.


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January 15, 2010 at 11:43 am

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