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Taxman cometh, but not soon enough…

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I did my taxes. I’m getting some $$ back.

I’m buying a new netbook next week and boy am I stoked. My old lappy had some issues and then the wireless card died and that was that. I’m also hoping that a new lappy will have a slot for my memory card out of my camera. I’ll be able to upload pictures much faster. I’ll be able to blog like a person would have in 2009.

I’m also leaving T-Mobile in the dust to join on the Kevin’s AT&T plan, family time I guess? But, when jumping over to them, I can get an iPhone. I’m pretty stoked about this as well.

I doubt that I’ll be posting between now and then, I’m not using my own computer and it’s a pain. I’ll post something new the second I get my new lappy up and running.


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January 27, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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