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Love list 3.9.10

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There is a fun time gluten science project going on in my body. I feel like absolute crap. This means its a perfect time to do a love list.  I’ve been focusing on the negative side effect gluten does to my body since the Thursday the 4th. I’m sick of being the center of my own attention.


  • Kevin. He’s sad that I feel like hell and wants to know how to help me in this situation… and there isn’t anything he can do.
  • Dog. She keeps me toasty warm when I’m lying in bed reading.
  • Invaders! Come to Seattle.
  • The Olympics being over. I hope they didn’t destroy Whistler…
  • Haley’s Corner Bakery This place isn’t that close to my house but for me its is worth the 20 minute drive, located in Kent, WA. Their bacon & cheddar roll was rad!
  • Converse. Ah, hello noobs! Welcome to the family!
  • Random snowflakes.
  • _____ For Dummies. Hahaha. These books are so easy to make fun of but I have 3 or 4 of them. I bought the one on being Gluten Free.
  • Gray jeans.
  • Donating money in memory of my cousin, who died of cancer last year.
  • green tea
  • tattoo ideas
  • Green’s Gluten Free Beer. There are other beers out there that I’ve tried, but this one had the best flavor. It needs more hops, in my opinion.
  • Knowing your body and how it works or doesn’t work.
  • Fuckyeahchubbygirls!
  • perfectly ripe pears
  • funny medication chats
  • coconut oil
  • my mom no longer flinching or giving me disapproving looks when I say fuck.
  • people who buy into health fads.
  • bookstores
  • scents of spring
  • the rest of my life.

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March 9, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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