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Love list 3.17.10

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  • Boyfriend.
  • Dog.
  • spring like nights
  • back porches
  • gluten free beer. I don’t know if I’m over joyed about the lack of hops, but I am excited that gluten free beer does exist.
  • dried apricots
  • the wonderful stories people have told me about going gluten free
  • ayurvedic facials
  • Flying Apron Peanut butter Bars
  • used books
  • better moods
  • calm stomach and guts
  • great yet simple make up tips that make a huge difference
  • green tea
  • expensive wine that actually tastes great
  • people who¬† agree with your frustrations
  • a sturdy coffee cup
  • being told that” being the pioneer in your among your friends and family can be fulfilling, but also be very lonely at times.” Amen.
  • cheap accessories from Forever 21
  • getting back to a fitness routine
  • tomato soup
  • pesto
  • blue skies
  • nuts. Sorry mom,they may have as many calories as your favorite Frappuccino, but they are more nutritious and filling. You’re choosing wrong thing..
  • knowing thy self

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