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Love list 4.11.10

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Yay, spring!

I may not be rich or famous and nobody might read my blog, but I’m pretty content in life. I’m sitting on the porch in a house we rent, my yard is mowed but still full of weeds. I’m wearing my Chacos, with my fleece and jeans. I’m drinking a microbrew, but it’s gluten free. I owe about $8k, but have only 1 credit card. I have a job that isn’t anything super fancy, but I make $4ok and get to wear jeans to work…and I have benefits!

I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m totally fine with how things are going.


  • The boy! Wow, he drives me nuts sometimes but I love him with all of my heart.
  • Abigail. This dog is the best dog evar! Ask around, everyone agrees.
  • trees full of blooms
  • back porches
  • pint glasses full of anything… we use them for water and or beer. Sometimes they chip, but I’ve also knocked one off the night stand into the wall and its still intact.
  • gluten free beer
  • free tickets to awesome events
  • Smartwool socks for running.
  • The Red House. Okay, we totally loved this place before but, they made me amazing gluten free food! And, they also let me know they have gluten free pasta if I ever decide I want mac & cheese. Thank you!
  • golden beets
  • Weight Watchers. Okay yeah, I gave up my membership in November but, I know this works. I gained 5 pounds in March dealing with all the gluten free stress and testing and crap…. but I can use WW for 2 weeks and lose those 5 pounds. It is a lifestyle people, not a diet.
  • Chacos. I loved me some Tevas, but I think I love these more. I wore these all over Napa and even with cute dresses.
  • cute knit dresses from Target
  • berets
  • people who finally get my “health kick” and realize it is more than just a kick. I love you Martin, and I’m glad your not so great blood work has help you see that your ways aren’t so healthy. We love you and want you to grow old with us…
  • Skin Care By Arcona. This is the best my skin has looked in years and it still has a long way to go.
  • polenta
  • Clean Eating. I wish I could eat everything in here, but I can’t.. but they have an index in the back that lets me know what is gluten free.
  • REI. What isn’t to love? I’ve been a member since 1999!
  • thai food
  • wind chimes
  • a clean kitchen… not cleaned by me
  • tights
  • skewed test results
  • hot showers
  • germancha tea
  • radio commercials

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April 11, 2010 at 4:53 pm

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