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Let it go.

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Why is letting go so hard?

I’m my life I’ve let go of a lot..or come to terms with things being what they are… mostly an awful heart break, issues with my mom, bad medical guidance, and nasty abusive stuff. When I finally let these items go, I stopped crying over them. These items were huge and consumed my thoughts way more than I like to admit, this was a huge bit of my self-created suffering.

I’m so proud of myself for letting go of these things that were so huge to me… But then comes the little things… the insurance adjuster who like to talk to me like I’m 10 and interrupts me but likes to tell me to let her finish talking when I try to finish what I was saying. or the lab tech who messed up my Celiac test. or the medical office that insists that I only paid half of my co-pay (which has been the same for almost 8 years) but since I don’t have a receipt and paid cash, I can’t prove I’m right.

I find it sad that we so easily forget some of the great experiences and remember the ones that have created us pain or discomfort.

This is me, trying to let go of the negativity and savor the awesomeness!

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April 21, 2010 at 11:50 am

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