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Spring means new stuff, right?

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Oh spring…

Since I’ve lost weight…( still in the 190s… ) I’ve bought a boat load of tops.  But, dude! you need pants to wear with those tops.

One of the biggest things I dread in life is trying on pants. I read the style and cut and I’m pretty confused. I have a larger butt, flat stomach, smaller waist, and huge thighs. Have you ever seen a tag with that fit on it? Yeah, me either.

I went to Nordstrom today because I found a pair of shoes I wanted. The gal came out with a size smaller and a size bigger. I totally would be fine if they would just come out and tell me I’m out of luck than them trying to convince me to try on a bigger size. I’m 32, my feet have been the same size since I was in the 7th grade. No shoes, well lets go up stairs…

I had an idea in my mind that I wanted to try on some skinny jeans. Yes, I’m behind the times… but a boot cut is supposed to help balance out my hips and crap. But lately, I feel like I’m wearing sails around my ankles and make more noise than I’d like when I walk. The first thing I saw were boyfriend jeans, I thought sure I’ll try them on.

So I’ve tried boyfriend jean on in the past and I really like the way they fit, but they’re not always had my size or they’ve looked way to distressed for my liking. I can wear jeans to work but, to many holes and I can’t.

I bought a pair. And the best but dumbest part is, I bought a size 10. 10! This shouldn’t be a big deal because they fit well and I don’t feel stuffed into them but holy crap, a 10. This is a huge deal to me because at my highest weight EVAR I bought a pair of jeans from Lane Braynt and they were an 18. A big person’s 18. Yuck. Not only is this a big deal, but this is also inspiring me to get my shit together and really work at losing weight again.

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April 28, 2010 at 2:41 pm

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