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Love list 5.15.10

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  • my man friend. haha, I dated a guy that once said being called a boyfriend sounded so juvenile. Calling a guy you are dating a “man friend” sounds like he’s an inch away from a retirement home.
  • Abigail. So we accidentally left the dog outside, over night. She probably had some crazy backyard adventure that involved standing out in the corner for hours where we sometimes find mice. The weather was nice and it wasn’t to cool out. She totally repaid us by digging 3 holes in the grass.. Rad. Sorry Boo!
  • new shoes
  • Le Creuset outlets! I finally got the dutch oven I wanted!
  • mangos
  • outlet malls
  • jelly beans
  • Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook. I’m made 4 things out of this and they’ve all been awesome and pretty easy.
  • hair cuts. buh bye split ends and 2 inches and hello bangs
  • Arcona Skin care.
  • facicals. I book them a month out.. my skin hasn’t looked this good in a long time and I love having something to look forward to!
  • boyfriend jeans
  • free bottles of wine
  • St. Peter’s G-Free Sorghum beer. Wow, this actually has a hoppy taste!
  • knowing the back roads home when you realize you are stuck in the wrong spot at 5:30 and traffic blows.
  • spring finally getting here and staying
  • porches
  • large purses that aren’t to large
  • morning coffee

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