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There’s no place like a back porch..

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Like whoa!

So the weather in Seattle has all of the sudden turned… to springy summery stuff. The sun is finally here, glad it could make it.

I’m trying out this little trick on how to make my pedicure look like its lasting but not really. I bought the same color from my last pedicure and my plan is to paint the ragged looking toes when I feel inspired. Basically, some of my toes will look all nice and some will like kind of haphazord but either way, all will be painted! But yeah, China Glaze Ruby Pumps is like wearing ruby red slippers on your toes… if I click them 3 times does it instantly put me on the back porch with a glass of wine or mead, no.

I’ve decided that life is sort of like the Wizard of Oz in a bizzaro fucked up way. I felt like things were just kinda gray and blah for a while and then I had a few years of fucked-uppery, it felt like a damn whirlwind! Then I finally landed with my feet on the ground, minus the dead witches. The wicked witch some how became the easier to get along with witch. Life be came clearer and things made more sense. I started to follow the right path in life and if I stuck to that path things kinda went well, they seem to get easier every month. Every so often I meet some strange characters along the way, shit I’m still meeting these people! The moment I decide to not really stick to the path things get a sticky, but lately I seem to know the quickest way back to the path. I’m starting to wonder where the Emerald City is, they say its Seattle but I’m seriously not to sure about that. Oh, and there are no flying monkeys. There seem to be plenty of crabbys and energy suckers trying to hit me with their bad apples but, I’m pretty good at ducking these by now. Oh yeah, and there isn’t a wizard.

Written by crabbycake

June 13, 2010 at 9:10 pm