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Love list 8.9.10

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Today is 8.9.10. Weird. Today is also the day I turn 32. Whew! Today also feels like fall and it has started to drizzle… it’s my fault, I really have been jonesing for soups, hoodies, and scarves… I’ll pretend it was a birthday wish and you can blame the weather on me.


  • Kevin and the dog. They’re my little family.
  • being okay with being in my 30s. Every year just gets better.
  • admitting defeat, being able to know where you went wrong, and being able to ask for help
  • down sizing my closet. all things XL are now gone.
  • morning fog
  • the idea of living with so much less. sadly, with Kevin, this will never happen. But, I can still do my part!
  • Haley’s Corner Bakery. The GF red velvet cake we had for the 4th of July was a total hit! My mom ordered the birthday cake from there, I bet it will be just as rad.
  • *Bitch Cakes* reached goal! Congrats to Sheryl!
  • Pumpkin. The color. Aka, orange. Who knew I would like it so much and it would look so go on me?!
  • exercise. I get in a funk and stop, a get back in the groove and the bad funk goes away.
  • silicone iPhone covers verses hard plastic ones
  • new socks
  • calling all living small things monkey. dogs and toddlers, mostly
  • my mom calling me to ask me if I’ve tried gluten free beer from my favorite brewery. She told me she would suggest they bottle it. Yay mom!
  • Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque
  • all the August birthdays! There are so many Leos!
  • bandages made especially for blisters
  • realizing I don’t NEED much
  • vacations and plans for future vacations
  • Prop 8 being overturned !!!
  • being able to easily touch my toes while wearing jeans
  • Seward Park
  • knowing where I’m going, but having no clue what street I’m on
  • salads as big as my face
  • outlet stores
  • sauteed spinach
  • conversations about stuff and why we don’t want other people’s stuff
  • menu tastings
  • setting goals
  • birthday wishes from people, high and low and near and far

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August 10, 2010 at 11:06 am

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