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Update from a lost blogger…

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Oh hai internets, long time no blog…

Here’s some stuff that’s of interest, but not all is stuff I love… I’ll do that later this week…

  • going back to Weight Watchers meetings. Cheesy and helpful all in one dosage.
  • Kevin bought a crashed motorcycle from his aunt for $500. Apparently it needed a lot of work and love, he was able to fix it and it’s ride able. 2 up, even!
  • after a lot of thoughts and tears and frustration… I have decided not to get my motorcycle endorsement.
  • it’s September 29th and I’m chilling outside in a chair, not a cloud is in site! It’s near 65 out.
  • camping is rad because you get to do nothing or anything you want. camping in the rain sucks because you have to pack up wet gear.
  • Mt. Loop Highway is pretty during the fall.
  • if you don’t have bacon while camping, you fail at camping.
  • my dog’s face gets grayer everyday.
  • being overly tired makes me a mess.
  • I had a super bad binge eating weekend, this past weekend. I plan to blog about it because I feel it’s a big deal… TBA
  • 24 Hour Fitness sent be a certificate for a free 3 month membership… I was a member years ago and there was a lawsuit filed against them. They lost, I win!
  • I keep getting emails about bicycling… I keep thinking I need to sell the bike Kevin bought me and buy something with gears.
  • every week since I first did it, but not last, I have walked about 10 or so miles from Seward Park to the I-90 bridge. It was a summer goal and I completed it.
  • my house feels like it is covered in spiders.
  • I got to go help bottle wine at a small vineyard in Lyle, WA. Knowing what goes into hand bottling, I’d gladly pay a bit more for it. It was a lot of hand and arm work… we did something like 56 cases.
  • changing my pillow case each night has done a lot for my skin.
  • I don’t know if I can wear Converse to work anymore, the are starting to feel to narrow for my feet.
  • reconnecting with old friends is great, but I need to make new memories with them.
  • I’ve cut back on coffee. I’m in love with brewed chai tea.
  • Hung up on a dress size? Happy about Marilyn Monroe being plus sized? Read this.
  • food covered in sugar is considered junk food or candy, and in Washington, you have to pay tax on it. Bummer for those that think it’s my fault your “food” rang up and added tax to it.
  • I find it funny when really overweight people who hang out all day and watch TV (um, yeah I don’t know anyone at all like this.. cough) call people lazy.
  • Life is good.
  • Tomorrow is the last day of September. You have NO IDEA how EXCITED I am about it. My schedule has been a complete mess all month. !!! Welcome to October.

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September 29, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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